Dan Ealey Reporting

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Dan Ealey

On February 9, 1964, nine year old Dan Ealey was asked by one of his Cub Scout friends, “are you going to watch The Beatles tonight?” Dan replied, “What are The Beatles?” His friend told him, “Just watch The Ed Sullivan Show tonight!” That was the moment Dan became a Beatles fan! 

In the summer of 1974, when Dan was 19, he devised a plan to meet and later "hang out" with Paul McCartney and his band Wings while they were rehearsing at the Lebanon, TN farm of Curly Putman, Jr.   Dan was among the first to hear Paul’s new song, Junior’s Farm, being performed live in the garage.

Throughout his life, Dan has worn many hats in the music business including musician, manager, promoter and publisher. We are elated that Dan is now a contributor to The Mop Tops & The King with his segment Dan Ealey Reporting.


Follow Dan Ealey at https://www.facebook.com/dan.ealey.1