Message From Mark

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Mark Kalashian

Mark Kalashian, aka Mark With a K, has a passion for the music of the 1950’s and early 1960’s and enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge of Elvis & The Beatles with his Message From Mark segment. Mark, who has been blind since birth, was inducted into The Carroll Center for the Blind’s Carroll Society which recognizes achievements in the workplace of employees who are blind or visually impaired. While attending UMass Amherst, he fulfilled his dream of becoming a radio DJ by hosting his own oldies show on WMUA, and on those rare occasions when he has the chance to guest host on someone’s radio show, Mark welcomes the opportunity to do so.  Mark was employed at The Disability Law Center in Boston, Massachusetts from January 1998 until his retirement in April 2021. We are very happy to have Mark as a member of The Mop Tops & The King family!