Spotlight On Elvis

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Krista Joy

Most of us remember clearly - the time and place where we first fell in love with the music of Elvis Presley. For Krista Joy, there are no memories of her life before Elvis. She was just an infant when Elvis passed away in 1977, but 16 years later, (while the other girls at her high school were wearing t-shirts decorated with photos of boy bands) Krista stood out from the crowd wearing her favorite shirt that read, "ELVIS - STILL THE KING!"

Currently you will find her managing the career of an internationally successful Elvis Tribute Artist.

Krista is the founder of which is a multi-media platform dedicated to the fans of Elvis Presley that Celebrates the Life and Memory of Elvis - with a Mission to Share His Legacy with the World. She is also a singer, narrator, contributing author, and is regularly an MC for the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Orlando. In her free time she enjoys visits to Disney World, produces social media content, and runs her own Disney fan site, which is found at

Krista is very proud to share her passion for Elvis Presley with the listeners of "The Mop Tops & The King" Radio Show via "Spotlight On Elvis." This exciting segment features stories, rare audio clips, and insight into the legendary King of Rock and Roll. Krista has interviewed several of his close friends and co-stars, which affords her a very unique perspective on Elvis Presley the man, his movies, and his music.

We are thrilled to have Krista as one of our regular contributors!