Welcome To "The Mop Tops and The King" Radio Show

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About Our Radio Show

We are a weekly, one hour radio show featuring the music of The Beatles and Elvis Presley with some fun surprises in between.  Our goal is to bring joy and happiness to the world through the music of The Beatles and Elvis one listener at a time!   We strive to keep the show entertaining and fun.  Please check us out!


Music of The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Much More!

"The Mop Tops and The King" has been on the air since Dec 2011 !!

Steve Chelmsford is the host of "The Mop Tops & The King" and has been a fan of The Beatles and Elvis Presley since he was two years old.  Steve got his start in radio when he met Carl Brownfield and Dusty Fenders, two local radio personalities on "Radio Goldfield", a small community radio station in the middle of the Nevada desert.  Steve developed a friendship with Carl & Dusty and soon became a member of "The Carl and Dusty Radio Boogie" writing jingles and other musical pieces. After a couple years on the "Boogie", Radio Goldfield asked Steve if he would be interested in having his own show. "The Mop Tops & The King" was born! The MTK Show has been on the air since December 2011 and is currently carried on 11 community radio stations from Mill City, OR to Chelmsford, England. 

In a previous life, Steve was a research engineer with the Air Force Research Laboratory for nearly 30 years. He is a life-long resident of Chelmsford, Massachusetts.