The Monkees Moment

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Celebrating The Music of The Monkees!

In 1966 NBC created a TV show called "The Monkees", a show loosley based on The Beatles' film "A Hard Day's Night". NBC was attempting to create an American version of The Beatles! Although originally a TV Show, The Monkees eventually became a "real band", recording 4 #1 Albums, 3 #1 Singles & 12 Top 40 Hits in The USA. The Monkees influenced countless future Rock 'n' Rollers and have millions of fans around the world! We here at "The Mop Tops & The King" are huge fans of The Monkees and believe they belong in The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame! Each week (on the extended version of The MTK Show) "The Monkees Moment" celebrates the music of The Monkees!